Mindray Ceiling Mounted HyLED X Series Surgical Light


During a surgical procedure, medical staff continue working under high-intensity surgical lights, causing intraoperative visual fatigue and increasing the chance of surgical errors.

Product Description :

In clinical applications, the optical performance of surgical lamps will change due to the influence of the Field of view, the position of the doctor, and the instruments. This can affect the doctor’s concentration and efficiency, increasing the risk of surgery and the time of surgery. Therefore, the stability of the optical performance of surgical lamps has become a new standard for assessing their merits. The iRelax feature of the HyLED X Series offers eye-relaxing light and smooth brightness adjustments to effectively reduce doctors’ sensitivity to the illumination and relieve their eye strain.

  • Brand :  Mindray
  • Usage/Application :  Hospital
  • Positioning :  Ceiling Mounted
  • Features :  Multi Screen System
  • Safe and Durable :  IP54
  • Laminar Flow :  DIN 1946
  • LED service life :  60000hr

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